The location-the "Stickl Bay "Val di Sogno in Malcesine

Stickl Sports Camp

The water sports base with surf and sup boards, the hobie fleet and the keel boats at the buoys is only a few meters away from the "headquarters" at the Hotel Olivi.

Not all lakes are the same!

If you don't know the wind conditions, it's easy to get in at the wrong spot and then wonder where the unique reputation of this dream spot comes from.
The windy northern part of the lake offers completely different winds and conditions at different times. An example: In Torbole, the Vento blows offshore in the morning, dangerous for novice surfers, and increases in strength on its way towards Malcesine.
That means: in the morning funboardsurfing in Malcesine with perfect conditions until approx. 10.00-12.00 o'clock.
From about 12 o'clock the Ora, the south wind starts and blows in Malcesine with a maximum of 3-4 Beaufort. In Torbole, however, with 5 Beaufort, too much for surf beginners, but optimal for funboard surfers.

The "Stickl Bay", the location of the sports camp since 1976, is a quiet protected "harbour" at Vento, ideal for children's surf courses, novice surfers and SUP paddlers!
At noon the ORA slowly sets in and creates perfect conditions for learning! In the afternoon the wind increases continuously up to force 3-4, ideal for all sailing and cat courses. If you sail only 3 km to the opposite side of the lake, it freshens up to a good 4 Beaufort and cat sailing in the double harness is even more fun.

The uniquely safe wind conditions and the perfect location in the protected bay make it possible to successfully conduct courses for all skill levels at any time! From the Opti beginner with 6 years to the kitesurfer or cat sailor in the perfection course, everyone will get their money's worth!

The headquarters

In the huge olive park of the Clubhotel Olivi Hotel you will find our new "headquarters" with office, storage for neoprene, harnesses and vests, showers and toilets, training room and training tent and a very stylish wooden deck as sun terrace.

The pool with bar is only a few steps away from the sports camp. Here you can meet after the sports program for après with a cold beer or an aperitif. At lunchtime there is a buffet and small lunch dishes.  

From the base at the Hotel Olivi you can reach the beach and the water sports centre in just 150 m in a few minutes.

The Stickl station on the beach of the Val di Sogno bay

The entire beach area is carpeted. Surfers, cat sailors and the Opti kids can set up their equipment on a material-friendly surface.

The launching area for surfers and the slipway for the Hobies are equipped with rubber mats and allow comfortable launching and landing for boards and cats.
In front of the station there is also the boat jetty, from where all sailors and cat sailors are taken to the buoy berths of the boats with several service boats.

The surfboards for beginners and advanced surfers are stored in surf racks directly on the beach, as are the rigs.

Of course, lifeboats and trainer boats are available for training....
The office, showers and changing rooms with drying room and the training tent with video and TV are located in the sports camp 150 m away.

Drohnenfoto Strand mit Katamaranen