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Learn and test foiling on Lake Garda at the Stickl Foiling Camp

Stickl Sports Camp

"We are the first water sports center to offer FOILING since the summer of 2015. We take to the air, kitesurfing and windsurfing and especially sailing on the Waszp and Skeeta, the foiling catamaran iFLY15 as well as the flying keelboat QUANT 23. Flying is the new sailing!"

FOILING CAMP-Our concept

Foiling is not a short-lived fashion trend, but a permanent development. New materials in boat construction make it possible to take off and go into flight mode on very light boats and catamarans with barely 3 wind forces. Flying over water while others are still bobbing is fun, can be learned and brings new emotions to water sports.

In the FOILING CAMP we want to give our guests the opportunity to take on this new challenge in test events and courses, and to test various "devices". From the mini dinghy WASZP and the brand new SKEETA to "flying" catamarans like the iFLY15 and the QUANT 23, the flying keelboat with 7 m length. But also in foil kiting or foil surfing and from 2021 also in WING-FOILING a new challenge is waiting for kiters and surfers!

Skeeta mit orangefarbigem Segel im Foiling Modus

The FOILING CAMP offers everyone the right start:

  • With an INTRO-TRAINING of 2- 3 hours: TRY & FLY - for the QUANT 23 and iFLY15, which can be sailed independently by experienced sailors after a training session.
  • Weekend courses on the Waszp and Skeeta as a taster course with daily 3 hours training in theory and practice. (2-4 the course)
  • Weekend courses on the iFLY15 with 2 training sessions of 3 hours. (2 -4 the course)
  • Weekly courses from Monday to Thursday on WASZP, SKEETA or IFLY15 with 3-4 hours per day. (2-4 pers. per course)
  • Private training in windsurfing-foiling on weekends with 2 hours. (see page windsurfing)
  • Kiteboarding weekend course with 4 hours per day.
  • NEW 2021: WINGFOILING-flying with the wing in your hand on a foil board!

Over time, new foilers will continually appear at Stickl Foling Camp, for testing or as part of the fleet of boats available in the course program and as rental boats from April to October.

"A new era has begun and you can be part of it on boats that fly and are insanely fun!"


Foiling & sailing with a dinghy!


Foiling on the WASZP

Quant 23

The foiler for every sailor


Easy & safe ! Foiling on the iFLY15


Kite when others are still swimming!


Take to the air with your windsurfing board!


The new board sport

Foiling Lake Garda at Stickl Foiling Camp

Try & Learn! Foiling the Waszp, ifly15, Quant 23, Windfoil, Kitefoil & Wingfoil