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LEARN2FLY - Foiling in the Mecca of Lake Garda in perfect conditions on the iFLY15

Stickl Sports Camp

Learn to foil on the iFLY15, the flying Cat with the best performance, the most stable flight behaviour and maximum safety! Only at Stickl Foiling Camp on Lake Garda!"

iFLY 15 - the "flying Cat."

The iFLY15 is the series-produced sports catamaran for anyone who enjoys high-speed sailing and loves something special in design and function.

His unique Flysafe ® Automatic Foil system independently supports the stable horizontal flight attitude in longitudinal and lateral direction. The 4 T-Foils do not need to be operated by the sailor during sailing.

Average experienced dinghy or catamaran sailors with trapeze experience can therefore safely foil with the iFLY15 after just a few hours.
But even for very good sailors, the iFLY15 offers a whole new sailing experience with speeds and agile maneuverability never experienced before. The flight control system in combination with numerous finely tuned innovations allows safe foiling even in strong winds and rough swell. This allows very high sailing speeds of over 25 knots to be achieved in a controlled manner.

iFLY15 shows the future of foiling: easy to learn, high control and top performance.

Ifly 15 und Motorboot vor Felswand
Ifly 15 in Action am Gardasee


The iFLY15 offers the freedom to fly alone or in pairs. Through the exclusive use of high-tech materials, the iFLY15 is extremely torsionally stiff and weighs less than 90 kilos ready to sail. With this low weight and state-of-the-art wings, it lifts itself out of the water in as little as 6-7 knots of wind.
The iFLY15 has a length of only 15 feet, is easy to transport, quickly ready to sail and can be easily launched from the beach.

His demanding Design reflects the highest requirements for Quality and function

Registration in the class association Formula 15 Foil enables the participation in regattas of this new construction class.

Cat-Foiling with iFLY15 - TRY & FLY sessions, weekend and weekly courses

On the iFLY15 it is easy to get started with foiling, because it flies extremely stable and is easy to control. But the enormous fun and performance potential of the iFLY15 is only revealed after further training sessions. If you want more than just flying straight ahead, you need instruction, corrections and practice! Even sailing professionals were happy about the instructions of the coach via radio.

Because we want

  • safe control of high boat speeds
  • stable flight attitude, even in strong winds and waves
  • the right technique to take off in light winds
  • effort-saving and safe righting after capsizing
  • safely drive rapid maneuvers, finally without landing! Foiling Gybe!

 After a first training session, in which the basics are taught, the fun really starts. We recommend taking part in a weekend or 4-day weekly course. 

It has been proven that the learning success is much greater when 2 sailors take turns sailing the iFLY and can watch the other sailor from the coach boat during the break, following the coach's instructions.

Ifly 15 foilt vor Gardasee-Panorama
zwei rote Ifly 15 foilen nebeneinander

Our plus points for your perfect foiling experience!

There are some good reasons why it is worthwhile to start into the "new sailing" at the Foiling Camp.

  • Malcesine at Lake Garda is the Eldorado of the Foilers with optimal wind conditions.
  • First and only foiling camp in Europe with the complete foiling spectrum. The flying keelboat QUANT 23, the foil catamaran iFLY15 and the center-foilers WASZP and SKEETA. Windsurf-foiling and kite-foiling.
  • Experienced trainers and a training concept with radio training and trainer boat that has been successfully implemented since 2016. 
  • Foiling courses and trainings from April to October! Weekly courses and weekend courses.
  • WINDGARANTY: Credits or alternative offers if more than 25 % of the training time is lost!
  • Group rates with discounts from 2 persons. Get into foiling cheaper with friends!
  • Impressive landscape, Mediterranean climate and Italian holiday flair combined with the best sports conditions!

We will make your foiling days at the Lago an exciting and incomparable experience!

With the course program on 4 days we can lower the previous entry barrier. However, the prerequisite is in any case safe sailing on Cats or dinghies in the helmsman trapeze in 3-4 wind forces.

Two sailors share an iFLY and are optimally supported with radio instructions. This avoids frustration and leads to foiling fun in the fastest way.

  • There are several packages to get you started flying on iFLY15:
  • Try & Fly: 3 hours intro training from 2 persons € 200,-.
  • Weekend course Saturday and Sunday, 3 hours per day € 400,-.
  • Weekly courses from Monday to Thursday, 3 hours per day € 680,-.
  • Fixed rental from 2 hours to 7 days (By training unit or complete course see rental prices)


The costs for the TRY & FLY package or the course costs to the same extent will be credited when purchasing an iFLY15!

Foil Opening / Ascension / Season Finale.
Further dates on request. Experienced Foilers can rent the IFLY15. Trainings for clubs and groups on request.

Criteria for participation in foiling courses on the iFLY15:

Safe control of a catamaran from the helmsman's harness in at least 3-4 Beaufort
OR- Experience on dinghies or sport keelboats as helmsman and additional experience in harness sailing.

If you are not sure whether you can meet these criteria, we recommend a preparation course in cat sailing e.g. the Cat F course or Perfection course on Hobie Cat to get fit for the start of foiling on the iFLY 15. These courses from Monday to Friday include 15 hours of training.
At the very least, however, you should practice cat sailing and harness technique for a few hours before starting the course.
We would like to point out that no course fees can be refunded if a participant should not be able to take part in the course due to his/her prerequisites. In this case we offer the possibility to participate in an alternative course.

Zei rote Ifly 15 am gardasee
Zwei Ifly 15 foilen nebeneinander

Course Content:

  • Instruction in foil system
  • Function and operation of the FLY-SAFE Foil System
  • Set up and launch from the slipway
  • Adjusting the foils on the water
  • First strokes in NO-FLY mode
  • From NO-FLY to FOIL mode
  • Take off on the downwind course
  • downwind takeoff
  • Course keeping and balance with sheet, tiller and body weight.
  • Change courses and correct trim
  • Downwind without harness
  • Manoeuvres in No-Fly Mode

For advanced participants, the course continues with :

  • more power in the harness on downwind course.
  • Preliminary exercises for jibing
  • Foiling-Halse
  • Turning techniques from safety turn to ( almost) foiled turn.
  • Optimal VMG on upwind and downwind.

Program and services

  • Issue of rental equipment SA and SO from 9.00 a.m. onwards
  • Rental equipment for weekend courses will be handed out on Friday or Saturday at 8.30 a.m. Course starts at 9.00 a.m.
  • Welcome drink and briefing on Sunday 18.00 in the sports camp
  • Weekly course with 3 hours per day MO - DO or weekend course with 3 hours per day on SA and SO
  • Equipment with wetsuit, life jacket, harness and helmet is provided.
  • Welcome evening on the restaurant ROSA BEACH *
  • Final evening on FR. with prize-giving at the ROSA BEACH restaurant *
  • * not included in the price
Roter Ifly15 bei Vento vor Malceisne
Beach Hotel Rosa Pool

BEACH HOTEL ROSA - The hotel on the beach for foiling fans.

We run the new Beach Hotel Rosa ourselves and try to offer especially the kiters, surfers, wing surfers and foilers an optimal service directly on the beach next to the sport camp station.

This starts with a "power breakfast" before the water session already from 7.00 a.m.In the hotel there is a changing room and drying room for neos, harnesses and sailing clothes.Kites, wings and surfboards can be stored directly at the hotel without extra costs.
Start of the shuttle boat at the Rosa jetty.

  • Super comfort for all "board sports" and foilers who can wait for the right wind window on site.
  • Have breakfast, put on your neos, get your kites, wings and boards from storage and board the shuttle boat directly at the hotel jetty!
  • And there everything at extremely favorable prices. In the room to the back with breakfast buffet already from 39,-€ p/pers. in the low season!