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The Quant 23 - sailing in three different modes! from sports boat to foiler!

Stickl Sports Camp

The Quant 23 was voted YACHT OF THE YEAR 2016 by Europe's water sports press. Try & Fly- the flying keelboat for amateur sailors! Only at Stickl Foilingcamp

The Quant23 is the first keelboat that flies, or better foils!
At about eight knots the hull of the Quant23 lifts, parallel to this the display on the GPS-Speedo skyrockets. Quickly over 20 knots are reached! It is really amazing how easy foiling with the Quant23 is in practice. All you have to do is sail as fast as possible and the rest happens by itself.
The flat, rectangular shape of the Quant23 is the same as an American Scow, except that here the bottom is even concave. The advantage for foiling: If, for example, the device gets into an unstable flight attitude in very arc conditions, the wide and flat nose section will only slap the water, but not dip or even submerge. The dreaded nosedives - breakneck tucks and rollovers will not occur in this form with the Quant23. In addition, the shape of the hull provides a lot of stability.

Foling Segeln am Gardasee
Quant 23 fliegt mit 3 Mann über den Gardasee

Unlike centerline-foilers like the Motte or Waszp, you don't have to foil the Quant23 to have fun, you can also sail "normally". For this purpose, the DSS profiles are either caught up or completely removed and left ashore, for example in a foreseeable light wind regatta with no prospect of weather change.
By the way, the keel is also catchable. And quite simply with the help of the main halyard. The rudder blade with the T-foil, which stabilizes the flight attitude, is attached to the stern and can also be removed (or simply pulled up) as with the dinghy. This allows the featherweight Quant23 to be transported effortlessly on the road trailer and can be easily launched via the ramp. A crane is not necessary.

The Quant23 is not intended to be the fastest foiler, but a versatile boat with which the sensation of foiling can be experienced - even for pure amateur sailors - but with which sports boat sailing should also be fun and enjoyable, whether in more or less wind., Michael Aeppli Partner of QuantBoats Switzerland explains his concept.

TRY & FLY - The Quant 23 at Stickl Foiling Camp

In May 2016 a new era began at Stickl Sportcamp! The FOILING CAMP was opened with an OPENING WEEK. Different Foilers, from the Motte to the Quant23, different Foil Catamarans, Kite-Foilers and Windsurfers on Foils were presented and could be tested for the first time in a Foil-Event by the audience....
Already the first season was a resounding success with many test sailors. This inspired us to develop the FOILING CAMP further and to offer our guests something new again and again.


The Quant23 can be rented by sailors with sufficient experience on modern sport boats and dinghies after a 2-hour briefing and sailed independently.

The briefing is not a sailing lesson, but an introduction to the technique of the boat and the different modes in which the Quant23 can be sailed. From normal sailing without DSS-foils in low wind like a sporty keel boat with extremely low keel weight and up to 2 men in the harness and to fast foiling with and without genaker.

Quant23 mit orangem Genacker
Quant23 foilt vor Malcesine

Dates and prices

We offer the following options:

  • Try & Fly 1: 2 hours Quant 23 with skipper on the boat as a trial lesson. (also with minimal sailing experience)
  • Try & Fly 2: 2 hours training in preparation for Quant23 rental.
  • Hire from 2 hours to day and weekend and week charters as well as guest cruises- on request

Please note: 

  • The Stickl Sports Camp currently only has one Quant23. Early booking is therefore recommended.
  • Maximum 3 persons (max. crew weight is 270kgs) can sail on the Quant23.
  • We reserve the right to set or interrupt sailing times depending on the ability of the sailors and the prevailing/expected wind and wave conditions.
  • Equipment: We provide wetsuits or sailing clothes, life jackets and harnesses as well as helmets on request.
  • The boat is fully insured with a high deductible. For damages up to 2000 € we recommend a rental insurance (Safety-Tool). ( 39,-€ )