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Learn to foil on the Waszp at Stickl Foling Camp Malcesine

Stickl Sports Camp

"Foiling is the new sailing! Learn to foil on Lake Garda on the Waszp in the Stickl Foiling Camp. TRY & FLY in a weekend or weekly course. With radio instruction from the trainer boat, we'll get you flying!"

Our plus points for your perfect foiling experience!

There are some good reasons why it is worthwhile to start into the "new sailing" at the Foiling Camp.

  • Malcesine at Lake Garda is the Eldorado of the Foilers with optimal wind conditions.
  • First and only foiling camp in Europe with the complete foiling spectrum.
  • The flying keel boat QUANT 23, the foil catamaran iFLY15 and the centre-foilers WASZP and SKEETA.
  • Windsurf-foiling and kite-foiling.
  • NEW 2021: Wingfoiling. Take off on a foil board with the wing in your hand.
  • Experienced trainers and a training concept with radio training and trainer boat that has been successfully implemented since 2016. 
  • Foiling courses and trainings from April to October! Weekly courses and weekend courses.
  • WINDGARANTY: Credits or alternative offers if more than 25 % of the training time is lost!
  • Group rates with discounts from 2 persons. Get into foiling cheaper with friends!
  • Impressive landscape, Mediterranean climate and Italian holiday flair combined with the best sports conditions!

We will make your foiling days at the Lago an exciting and incomparable experience!

Waszp foiling am Gardasee
Waszp vor Malcesine

Learn to Foil on the Waszp since 2017

In the summer of 2014, we worked with professionals of the Moth class to develop a training concept that combines the methodology for learning the foil technique and the organization of training in an optimal way.
This training concept has been implemented very successfully since 2015. The coach supervises a team of 2-3 students. As the water training is very intensive and requires very good condition, the students rotate between sailing on the Waszp and observing from the coach boat.
 Stickl Sport Camp is the first sailing school to offer FOILING as a new water sport to sporty dinghy sailors in weekly and weekend courses from April to October. 

The focus for very sporty dinghy sailors are the courses on the new Foil unit class WASZP. The Waszp allows an entry into foiling even with less perfect sailing skills on dinghies than the extremely sporty Moth class, significantly reduces the risk of injury and perfectly combines all the requirements of a sporty "FOILER". At the same time, it also flies at more than 20 knots and conveys the same feeling of flight. However, fitness and condition are important!


Nearly 100 % of all participants on the courses since 2016 have achieved the goal, course level 3, and are now flying over the water! 

Weekly program and services

  • Issue of rental equipment SA and SO from 9.00 a.m. onwards
  • Rental equipment for weekend courses will be handed out on Friday or Saturday at 8.30 a.m. Course starts at 9.00 a.m.
  • Welcome drink and briefing on Sunday 18.00 in the sports camp
  • Course program with 3 hours per day MO - DO
  • equipment provided
  • Welcome-Abend am Restaurant ROSA BEACH*
  • Abschluss-Abend am FR. mit Preisverteilung im Restaurant ROSA BEACH*
  • Courses from Monday to Thursday or Weekend Saturday to Sunday.
  • * not included in the price

Waszp course participants can also test the Skeeta. Both boats are used in the "Centerfoil courses", a maximum of 4 course participants then share 2 boats, supervised by the coach in the motorboat with radio and precise instructions that guarantee a quick learning success. In this way, we also give the course participants the opportunity to directly compare both centerfoilers, which address a similar target group.

Waszp im Foling Modus auf Amwindkurs
Waszp Segler und Trainerboot bei einer Segelpause
Waszp-Foiler vor Malcesine

Course programme

Each sailor is equipped with a waterproof radio helmet, gets all the instructions at the right moment and can implement them immediately. Stickl Sportcamp has been successfully training with radio for 20 years and this method also guarantees fast learning progress when foiling.


Foiling is only recommended for very experienced dinghy sailors who have a feel for tippy planing dinghies. It requires good condition, agility and stamina. You learn sailing anew!


  • Rigging the boat and trimming
  • Introduction to the technique of the boat with trim and foil settings
  • Dry training of the moves on the trampoline
  • Launching beach and panties
  • Boarding and first start
  • Balance and sailing in normal mode
  • First Foil Rides
  • Courses and course changes with sail and weight trim
  • Windward trim and adjustment while underway
  • Downwind and gybe preparation
  • First jibes

The 4-day program includes 3 hours of training daily, with briefings and preparation on land as well as water training. The goal is to reach at least foil level 3 (levels 1-7) in our level system.


We provide depending on the season and water temperature semi-dry wetsuits 4-5 mm or summer suits with 3/4 mm and life jackets and of course the helmet and radio. Please bring your own neoprene shoes, which reach over the ankles.


Course times:

The course times depend on the wind conditions and are therefore set daily. At 8.20 all course times will be put online on

Beach Hotel Rosa Pool

BEACH HOTEL ROSA - The hotel on the beach for foiling fans.

We run the new Beach Hotel Rosa ourselves and try to offer especially the kiters, surfers, wing surfers and foilers an optimal service directly on the beach next to the sport camp station.

  • Das beginnt mit einem „Powerfrühstück“ vor der Wasser-Session schon ab 7.00 Uhr.
  • Im Hotel gibt es eine Umkleide und Trockenraum für Neos, Trapeze und Segelbekleidung.
  • Kites, Wings und Surfboards können direkt am Hotel ohne Extra-Kosten gelagert werden.
  • Start des Shuttle-Bootes am Rosa-Steg

Super comfort for all "board sports" and foilers who can wait for the right wind window on site.

Have breakfast, put on your neos, get your kites, wings and boards from storage and board the shuttle boat directly at the hotel jetty!

And there everything at extremely favorable prices. In the room to the back with breakfast buffet already from 39,-€ p/pers. in the low season!

More action videos and tutorials on the Youtube - channel