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Cat sailing on Lake Garda on Hobie Cat with the professional team at Stickl Sportcamp

Stickl Sports Camp

For cat sailors we are the first address for many years! Nowhere is there more quality! A huge Hobie fleet, a graduated course system with radio training and above all an absolutely competent trainer team. Reason enough to sail at Sportcamp again and again!

Stickl Sportcamp the biggest VDWS Catamaran Center in Europe!

  • Hobie fleet with HC 15, HC 16, HC 21, Hobie Teddy, Hobie Pearl, Hobie Tiger and Wildcat
  • Cat classes for kids, beginners, advanced and perfection.
  • Genackertraining in perfection course on Hobie Pearl with rolling genackers
  • Uniquely: FUNK & VIDEO training with waterproof radio receivers.
  • Top: Cat courses for children on Hobie Teddy, e.g. in the family package deal.
  • New: Hobie Cruising on Pearl. Touring with coach
  • Cat pool, short term rental on site and charter offers.
  • All inclusive weeks: Hotel and Hobie Cat sailing.
  • Perfection course 2 on TIGER AND WILDCAT
  • CAT & FOIL: Cat week course with Try&Fly Foiling Weekend in a reduced combined package.
Bobie Tiger bei starkem Vento
Woldcat mit Spi


In the course of 30 years as a catamaran centre on Lake Garda, we have acquired a first-class reputation on the international sailing market as a qualified school and excellently equipped Hobie centre.

  • We are in the fortunate position to have founded our sports camp in 1976 in what is perhaps the best sailing area with a unique wind safety. The variable wind conditions between the bay Val di Sogno, our location and the open area in front of it with the famous Garda winds ORA and VENTO make it possible to often teach courses of different levels at the same time. The coach chooses the best training time and spot for his group, guaranteeing the best training conditions.
  • The Cat fleet with the entire range of Hobie Cats, from the Kindercat Teddy to the Hobie Cat 16 in the F courses to the F 18 Wildcat and Tiger is unique! And all in best quality! At the Hobie World Championship at Lake Garda, one participant took 5th place with our rented Wildcat.
  • The RADIO TRAINING SYSTEMis a proprietary development that has given us a considerable methodological edge. Direct correction by radio guarantees optimal training and creates a great sense of security for the students
  • In closely graded course levels, all guests find the right course and are taught by motivated professionals. We constantly invest in the training of our team and enjoy the reputation of being THE competence center for cat sailing, even among competitors.

General info about the courses:

  • Only 2 people sail on a Cat at any one time.
  • The beginner course is sailed on Hobie 15, a stable and easy to sail Cat that is forgiving of mistakes.
  • In the advanced courses 1+2 you sail on the sporty and very sensitive Hobie 16. With harness for foresailer and also helmsman. Maximum team weight 180 kg.
  • Perfection course 1 is sailed on the Hobie Pearl, an 18 foot cat with double trapeze and rolling genack.
  • In the Perfection Course 2 and Special the teams sail on the Hobie Tiger and Wildcat with regatta equipment.
  • A course group consists of a maximum of 4-5 teams/cats.


100% more! That is our motto! Our team of trainers is fully committed to meeting this requirement, which we also place on ourselves.

Katamaran auf einem Rumpf
Katamaransegeln am Gardasee
Hobie Cat am Gardasee


In order to find the right course for you, you should first correctly assess your personal abilities and requirements. Here you will find our criteria for the classification into different performance groups.

Beginner 1:

  • Absolutely no experience with water sports
  • Previous knowledge through surf course or own surf experience
  • Sailing courses longer than 2 years ago and no practice after that.
  • Sailing on dinghies and keelboats
  • sailing along on charter trip
  • Little experience sailing on keel yachts
  • Cat taster course
  • Sailing on Catamarans

Advanced course 1:  

  • Experience through dinghy sailing course and subsequent practice
  • Many years of sailing experience on dinghies and small keelboats
  • Cat beginner courses in holiday clubs
  • Cat practice in low wind without harness.

Advanced course 2:  

  • Experience as helmsman on planing dinghies with trapeze at 3-4 Beaufort
  • Beginner cat course at the Sportcamp and afterwards several days of sailing practice
  • Several beginner courses spread over years without own practice afterwards.
  • Cat practice in wind force 3-4 with foresail harness.

Perfection course 1:  

  • Cater experience through several F-courses in sports camp or / and sailing experience
  • Routine in wind force 4 + with helmsman trapeze and double trapeze
  • Physical requirements for strong wind sailing (condition, strength and agility)

Perfection course 2:

  • Cater experience with Genacker on Pearl in P-Course
  • Cat experience on F18 Cats or F16 with double trapeze and Genacker

Perfection course 2 "Special

  • At least one perfection course 2 with genack sailing
  • Sailing practice on sport catamarans with genackers.
  • Experience on skiffs and gliding dinghies with harness and genaker

Please check which of the statements apply to you and which criteria you already fulfil. It is not decisive what you set as your goal, but with what prerequisites you go into the course.   

The physical requirements are also important. 

  • With more than 110 kg we advise against a cat course!
  • Physical fitness to get back on the cat in case of capsize is necessary. 
  • Cat sailing is sport!!! A course on a keel dinghy is the calmer alternative!


If, despite all the advice and honest self-assessment, you end up in the "wrong course group", there is usually the possibility of changing the course group on the spot, based on the trainer's assessment - provided that places are available.

Cat Course Perfection 2

Cat Course Perfection 2 Special

Catamaran sailing at Stickl Sportcamp on Lake Garda