Always kite at the right spot with the kite shuttle service

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"With the kite service boat we bring our kiters to the best spot! Maximum kite-time, safety and comfort with the kite shuttle - no standing area can compete with that!"

The kite shuttle boat

For experienced kiters who want to kite on Lake Garda relaxed and without risk, the shuttle is the perfect service.

  • Those who start irresponsibly on beaches directly on the shore road endanger not only themselves, but bathers and the traffic on the shore road of the Gardesana!
  • If you don't have absolutely precise knowledge of the area and the wind, you quickly risk swimming in cold water for hours in a wind hole or even in harbour entrances!
  • Who can not yet hold altitude, will be after a short time before the problem, where to go ashore? There are hardly any places!
Motorboot mit Kitesurfern
Drei Kitesurfboote

How it works:


Kite level 5 of the VDWS or kite knowledge on this level, i.e. starting, holding altitude and relaunch.

There are two dates per day

  • Date 1 with meeting point of the participants by arrangement.
  • Date 2 with meeting point at 12.30. 
  • Each session lasts about 3-4 hours. Please make reservations no later than the afternoon before the kite day. Enrolment, briefing and possibly takeover of rental equipment. Meeting point will be announced by the kite instructor.
  • The kiteshuttle boat can also be booked by groups exclusively for one date.
  • The kiteboat launches all kites and supervises the group, helps with relaunches and problems on the water.
  • If it turns out that a competitor does not have the required qualification, the boat will take him out of the water immediately.
  • The group kites in the agreed kite area and time period to the meeting point and is taken on board by the kiteboat and brought back to the station. 



  • No long walks back on the beach! No danger for yourself and third parties when launching from the beach!
  • The lifeboat is always nearby!
  • Optimal use of kite time on the water!
  • Safety through the experience of the guide who knows the area.
Drei Kitesurfboote

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