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Learn to kitesurf better ! Our plus points !

Stickl Sports Camp

"We consistently focus on quality when it comes to kiteboarding instruction. In the following we would like to give you important information about our kitesurfing school, the training conditions, the equipment and our program."

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda:

Everyone knows that there are only a few beaches on Lake Garda. So kiting is not the right sport for Lake Garda after all?
We think so, because first and foremost the wind conditions are important!
And there is certainly not much to discuss about the wind conditions. Hardly any other spot offers more wind safety ! 

On Lake Garda you can kite almost every day!

Kitsesurfgruppe auf Motorboot
Kitesurfer im Trainerboot

But how do you start when there are few beaches?

A fair question. We already made a virtue out of necessity in our first year and in 2001 the Boat training developed! Launching from the trainer boat has become an optimal solution:

  • Already on the first day of the course, the students practice for several hours in the water with the kite, drifting downwind near the trainer boat during fug exercises - always under the control of the kite instructor, who gives his instructions via radio communication.
  • The way back to windward is done by boat, comfortable and fast - no walking along the beach!
  • The risk of accidents is zero! While there have always been accidents during flight exercises on land or on the beach in many schools, we can be proud after 20 years of practice that we have not yet had to complain of any injuries!
  • And we always kite where the wind is perfect! By boat taxi to the right spot!

And there are even more good reasons to choose Stickl Sportcamp!

Our kitesurfing school has evolved from the sports camp with 40 years of experience in surfing, sailing and cat sailing and is based on this experience and routine and the existing infrastructure.

Since 2001 we are the first VDWS approved kitesurfing school on the lake of Garda.

Perfect logistics and organization is cool too!

  • Changing rooms and hot showers.
  • Space for dry training and kite building in the hotel area.
  • Training room with video and TV for training videos.
  • Launch simulator boat
  • Kite trainer boats with new 4-stroke engines.
  • Training with helmet and radio.
  • Maximum training time on the water in groups of maximum 4 students per instructor.

100 % wind guarantee can't be found anywhere! 
If water sessions are cancelled due to lack of wind, they will first be replaced by sessions such as waterstart simulator, wakeboarding or theory if required. If more than 50 % of water sessions are cancelled, they will be reimbursed by voucher.

Das Stickl Sportcamp Malcesine

Das neue BEACH HOTEL ROSA am Strand neben der Sportcamp-Station ist die perfekte Location für Kiter. Frühstück vor der Morgen-Session, Umkleide im Hotel, Kite-Storage und der Startplatz des Shuttle-Bootes direkt vor dem Hotel machen den Unterschied.
In Kombination mit Hotels verschiedener Kategorie und Preislagen nahe der Sportstation bieten wir weitere Alternativen in unmittelbarer Nähe des Sportcamps.

The course participants and the coaching team meet at the sports office for a welcome drink and briefing.
Das Trockentraining und die Vorbereitung in Theorie finden im  Schulungszelt statt.
Nach der Praxis „Session” freut man sich auf eine heiße Dusche, eine vernünftige Umkleide und je nach Temperatur auf ein Warm-Up bei Cappuccino und Latte Macchiato oder ein Erfrischungsgetränk an der Bar.

As you can see, we offer more than an internet presence and a mobile phone number, like many a "savage" on Lake Garda, without a fixed location, legal permits and therefore without insurance cover. 

Meeting im Garten

Kite holiday in sport camp week or weekend

The weekly programme 

  • Arrival at the weekend
  • Briefing and welcome drink at 18.00 in the sports camp
  • Material delivery on the weekend or Monday before the 1st sessiom
  • 4 Tage – Kurs von Montag bis Donnerstag mit Unterrichtszeit ca. im Zeitfenster von 8.00 Uhr – 12.00 Uhr und ca. 13.00.- 18.00.
  • Total approx. 16 hours. However, the course times are set flexibly depending on the wind situation daily.
  • We also kite at Vento in the morning from 7.30 am
  • Freitag 20.00 Uhr: Abschluss-Abend im Restaurant ROSA BEACH mit Vergabe der Kite-Lizenzen und Diashow

The Weekend Program

  • Arrival on Friday
  • Start to 1.session at 7.30 a.m. at the earliest
  • Course info via Whatsapp at 7.00 a.m.
  • Material distribution on Saturday before the start of the course
  • 2 day course with 8 hours approx. 
  • The weekend course can last until 18.00 on Sunday.
Drei Motorboote am See
Foilkiter im Stickl Sportcamp

The students are divided into 3 levels:

  • ENTREPRENEUR: Kite beginners who have no experience and are starting a new sport
  • UPGRADER F1 : Kiter with minimal knowledge e.g. after a taster course VDWS-Level 3
  • ADVANCED 2Kiter with kite level, e.g. after a beginner course of several days.

The lesson in the morning starts either early in the morning with water training or in case of bad wind conditions in the morning at about 10.00. with a theory lesson for the VDWS kite license material knowledge and information about kites and boards. Safety systems and all questions about the kite material, dry training with videos and demos, chute setup and preparation for the water training. In addition, there are training sessions on the water even without wind - with launching exercises on the outrigger of the simulator boat. Launching with engine power without kite to develop the driving feeling for the first launch with kite.


The afternoon program beginnt nach einem gemeinsamen Mittagessen mit dem Team auf der Terrasse des Restaurants ROSA BEACH direkt neben dem Sportcamp. Sobald die berühmte Ora, der Thermikwind sich ankündigt, laufen die Kiteboote zur Nachmittags-Session aus. Je nach Wind und Wetter variiert die Startzeit und auch die Rückkehr der Kite-Boote nach dem Training. Die Kurszeiten werden online auf der Stickl Website rechtzeitig veröffentlich!

Kitesurfer vor Gardasee-Panorama