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Kitesurfing course advanced 2

Stickl Sports Camp

Off to new destinations! In the F2 course there is a lot of new kitesurfing technique to learn. Kiting is your new sport from now on!

"On to new goals!
There is a lot of new kitesurfing technique to learn in the F2 course. Kiting is your new sport from now on!"

After a 4 day course Advanced 1 we move on to new goals!

Transitions , gybes, entry into the jump technique. The coach gives instructions from the boat by radio and keeps an eye on all students. Safety is paramount! Only through immediate corrections by radio, very fast progress is possible, the organization of the courses on the water is optimized and the student gets a sense of security. This allows more time on the kite, as several students are in the water and training at the same time.  


You have mastered a gliding jibe and have reached VDWS level 5. You can hold altitude and gain altitude.

Course Content:

  • Sliding Neck
  • drive toeside
  • Jump Training
  • Transition Jumps
  • Backroll
Kitesurfer am Gardasee
Kitesurfer im Flug
Kitesurfer auf dem Gardasee

Program and Services:

  • 4 days course MO-DO with 4 hours/day
  • 2 days course SA.-SO.with 4 hours/day
  • 3 days course FR.-SO. with 4 hours/day
  • 1 day/session
  • Ausgabe das Leihmaterials bei Wochenkursen am SA und SO von 9.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr
  • Welcome drink and briefing at the sports camp on SO at 18.00 hrs
  • Course starts on MO at 7.30 a.m. at the earliest
  • Welcome-Abend um 20.00 Uhr im Ristorante ROSA BEACH *
  • VDWS kite level theory exam on Thursday
  • Abschluss-Abend mit Vergabe der Lizenzen und Diashow im Ristorante ROSA BEACH*
  • * not included in the course price Price


We provide wetsuit, life jacket and harness free of charge


Course times:

The course times depend on wind and weather and will be communicated by the trainer via Whatsapp already at 7.00 am. Earliest meeting point at the kite station for the "morning session" is 7.30 am. Further course times are always communicated via Whatapp.



  • Depending on the conditions, course participants can book additional sessions after the course times.
  • On Friday after the 4-day course we offer advanced and shuttle clients morning and afternoon training sessions with rental equipment under the supervision of the instructor for independent practice.
  • Courses can be extended by booking individual days on site.
  • Single days can also be booked during the week, subject to availability and course level.
Kitesurfer auf dem Gardasee

Course prices

  • In this table you will find all the courses and prices and you can make a request directly with one click.
  • Prices that are not highlighted with a link can only be booked on site.
  • Services like private lessons, special wishes, foil training and all prices not marked with a link can be requested with the contact form.
  • With a click on the course category ( RED ) you can choose your right course from a complete selection of all courses!

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