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Learn to sail better for young and old on Lake Garda

Stickl Sports Camp

"It doesn't matter if you are 7 years old in the optical course, a teeny in the youngster camp or an adult and from beginner to perfection course on the Seascape 18! With all courses applies: Maximum fun and extremely fast learning progress through radio training and dedicated coaches."

Boris Hermann

Circumnavigator and sailing professional

Boris in an email to his family: 

Wenn Du richtig gut und mit viel Praxis segeln lernen willst, musst Du zu Heinz Stickl an den Gardasee gehen!

His family followed this advice and has been sailing enthusiastically in our courses for years.

Everything at a glance

Stickl Sportcamp, the only sailing school on Lake Garda with training and examination for a sports boat licence!

  • VDS- sailing school since 1984 with sport boat licence training
  • Intensive sailing training with radio training.
  • SBF-BINNEN compact in one week with exam
  • Sailing holiday with hotel and courses for all levels.
  • Children courses on Optimist from 6 years
  • Youth sailing courses on the Feva paraglider dinghy.
  • Perfection courses on SEASCAPE 18 with Genacker
  • Boat rental and charter
  • Regatta training with world champions for different boat classes
  • SEASCAPE 18 and 24 Test, Rent, Train
From the Optimist course to foiling. Learn to sail sportily in 3 course levels on the best material with professional sailing instructors!
Seascape 24 vor Burg Malcesine
Seascape 18 mit blauem Genacker

Concept and program

Lake Garda and especially our location, the bay Val di Sogno, offer ideal conditions to start sailing. In small groups you learn in only five days the basics of sailing and immediately crosses with the Basic sailing licence in the bag.

This is also made possible by the exclusive training method with radio. The wireless connection from the trainer to the student allows us to sail alone from the first minute, even in medium winds. The instructor changes from boat to boat, from crew to crew and corrects the small group of 3-4 boats by radio directly at the right moment.

From the Optimist course to foiling. Learn to sail sportily in 3 course levels on the best material with professional sailing instructors!


  • There are a maximum of 2-3 people sailing per boat, which means plenty of time for everyone at the tiller!
  • All school boats are equipped with trimming facilities for sportive sailing.
  • Practice has absolute priority.
  • Crews will also be based on the age of the students so no one is overwhelmed! Everyone can participate from 6-66 years!

We separate sail training by age groups into:

  • Kids sailing on optimists aged 6-12.
  • Youngster sailing from 12-16 years on the gliding dinghy RS-Feva.
  • Adult sailing from 16 years on the Dyas and Seacape 18.

There are children's and youth sailing courses for beginners and advanced sailors.

Adult courses are divided into beginner-advanced and perfection courses.

Our motto is to teach modern sailing with fun and intensive training. 

What makes us different from others?

"We see ourselves as a modern sport-oriented sailing school, which puts less emphasis on ever more advanced sailing licenses, but on training in sporty sailing. On dinghies and sporty keelboats, the 3 graded courses are more about sailing techniques, trapeze sailing and spinnaker sailing and about mastering one's boat than about inland navigation road regulations and seamanship. First-class sailing instructors, well-maintained boats and sailing practice in good winds - that is the secret of our success.!

Heinz Stickl

Ex European sailing champion and Olymia cadre

Seascape 18 Regatta

Optics courses

Learn to sail by playing and not just playing! Kids from 6 years on show it to the "old ones"!


Sporty sailing on the Feva with top coaches in the youngster course.


In a few days with a lot of practice and fun to the sailing license!


Here children. Youths & adults of any age group "modern sailing".


Practical training for the sport boat licence inland with sail and engine 

Advanced course 2 on the Seascape 18

From the Dyas in the F 1 course to the sporty Seascape 18. sailing with genacker!


Head for new destinations on the Seascape 18! Just sail right and fast!

Seascape Special. Testing, Courses, Trainings

Test - rent - train!

Segel-Trainingszentrum im Beach Hotel Rosa

Unser nächster Schritt mit einem eigenen Hotel & Trainingszentrum für Segler direkt am Strand neben der Wassersport Station! Mit einem klaren Konzept für Segel-Trainings außerhalb der Urlaubs-Saison. Für Vereine, Klassen und Trainings-Gruppen.

Alles aus einer Hand! Unterkunft im Beach Hotel Rosa, Umkleide und Trockenraum, Schulungsraum mit TV und Internet, Tiefgarage, Bojen-Liegeplätze direkt vor dem Hotel, Strand-Liegeplätze mit Slip-Anlage, Trainer-Boote – perfekte Voraussetzungen für Trainings.

Und vor allem: Keine langen Wege vom Hotel zum Strand und Clubgelände. Angebote bitte anfordern!

Hotel mit Pool