Top Spot Val di Sogno

In the summer of 1976, the Stickl Surfcamp in the Val di Sogno bay in Malcesine was the starting point for windsurfing in Italy. The Val di Sogno bay is recognized as the best beginner spot on Lake Garda.

While in Torbole the surfing fun for children and beginners is already completely over after a few hours of surfing in unfavourable, gusty and offshore winds, because the famous Ora with 4-5 wind forces you to watch, our 'beginners' still surf in the afternoon. FREE a few hours with all rental equipment.

The kids from the age of 6 also feel much safer in the manageable bay than on the open lake and the lessons are also much safer and more effective for the surf instructors. The equipment, boards, sails, wetsuits and life jackets are adapted to children from 6-12 years.

Advanced surfers train in the morning hours at Vento outside the sheltered bay and in the afternoon at Ora which reaches up to 3-4 wind forces.
Blick auf Bucht vom Berg