Wingsurfing & Foiling- The new board sport in the sports camp.

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Wingsurfing and Wingfoil are establishing themselves as a fast growing new board sport! After one year of experience in training we can state that our concept was and is spot on: flexible course duration for the WingSurf courses and switching to the Wingfoil board as soon as the basic level is reached. And very clear: Only with boat training and radio serious supervision on the water is possible! Let's wing together"


What is wingsurfing and what requirements should I have ?
You could say a mixture of windsurfing and kitesurfing.
It is probably more accurate to say that wingsurfing is a new board sport that appeals to windsurfers or kitesurfers. But the spectrum is much wider.

Wingsurfing is a new sport on the water that ANYONE can learn.

And that too in an extremely short time. Important are the physical conditions. If these are present and in addition the experience from windsurfing  or kitesurfing comes and the sense of balance from many other sports  like snowboarding, skateboarding or generally sports disciplines with gymnastic training, then the way to first flight feelings on a Wingfoilboard is very short.

After a few hours or a few days of preparation on a stable windsurf or sup board, which are necessary to learn the handling  After learning the basics of the wing, you switch to the wingfoil board and experience the indescribably cool feeling of floating over the water and flying silently over the water with little effort and much higher speed.

On the windsurf board it takes incomparably longer. In most cases, when we talk about recreational athletes, months or years until you can move from windsurfing board to foil. Not to mention kitesurfing, where the transition from kiteboard to foilboard is even more difficult.

Prior knowledge of sailing is of little consequence. Apart from theoretical knowledge of aerodynamics, there is little that can be gained from this when starting out in wingsurfing.
Everyone is starting a new sport!

Some with advantages, like windsurfers or kiters, but even without this experience you can learn this new sport as a physically fit, agile person and FLY in no time.


 The aim of the course is to learn the handling of the wing on boards with a large volume in order to switch to the foil board as soon as possible.

A coach looks after a maximum of 4 students, as always at the sports camp with FUNK. From the coach boat he gives instructions and takes the group to the best spot according to ability and wind situation.

Those who are able to switch from wing surfing to wing foiling after the first 2 days will switch to a foil board. Those who stay with wing surfing can book further lessons and take part in the following weekend course with 4 lessons.

Individual sessions can also be booked, depending on available course places. Private training in One to One training is also possible.

The courses

  • 4 days course from Monday to Thursday with 8 hours
  • 2 days course at the weekend with 4 hours
  • Private training 2 hours
  • Board & Wing rental

 Course Content:

  • Material composition
  • Theory and dry training with the Wing
  • Steering and manoeuvres in dry training
  • Right of way and safety rules
  • Self-Rescue
  • Practical training in 12-15 knots of wind with radio and trainer boat
Wingsurfer im Kurs

Weekly Program & Services:

  • Arrival at the weekend
  • Material distribution on SA. and SO. until 17.00 hrs.
  • Welcome drink and briefing at the sports camp on Sunday at 18.00
  • Start of course on Monday at 9.00 a.m. at the earliest
  • Monday 20.00 h. Welcome evening with team and guests in the restaurant Pedro *
  • 4 x 2 hours course from MO-DO.
  • Friday 20.00 hrs. Final evening in the restaurant Pedro with awarding of diplomas and slide show.


We provide wetsuits and life jackets free of charge.


Course times:

The course times are based on the wind & weather. Therefore, they are determined daily and put online from 8.20 a.m. on



The wingsurfing course on a normal windsurfing board is the much needed preparation for the next step: flying with the wing on a foil board.

How intensive this preparation has to be depends of course on the conditions. Windsurfing pros switch to the foil board right after a session.

Wing-Foil courses:

  • Weekend course SA. and SO. with 2 hours each water session with radio and trainer boat.
  • Weekly course starting on Monday with 4 x 2 hour water sessions, radio and trainer boat.
  • Try & Fly session with private instructor, radio and trainer boat.


Course Content:

  • Preparation in dry training.
  • Water session with first phase on board without foil
  • Launching and half-wind waving on foilboard
  • First Foil distances are the goal!
  • The trainer is there with the radio - this shortens the learning phase considerably!

The goal of the course is of course the flight experience with the Wing in the hands! Then it is practice and again 


  • Arrival the day before until 8.30 a.m. at the latest
  • Material distribution on SA at 8.30 am at the sports camp
  • Course times depending on wind - 3 Beaufort are a prerequisite
  • The course with at least one session per day ends at the latest on the last day of the course at 17.00 hrs.

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Wingfoiler in der Bucht Val di Sogno
Wingsurfer Stickl Sportcamp

Season-Opening Wing-foiling & Windsurf-foiling

Test boards and wings from Starboard and Airush!
Train with the Starboard and Stickl Team.

Appointment: Weekend 07.05.-08.05. 2022

"Try & Fly" is the motto of the opening event in Malcesine!

There are two unique offers for participants to start the 2021 season.

  • The possibility to make the step from windsurfing to windfoiling. On boards and sails from Starboard and Severne, supervised by professionals from the Starboard team and the coaches of the Stickl Sportcamp. Test the equipment, get professional advice on foiling and the products and experience your first foiling experience yourself!
  • To dive into the new board sport WINGSURFING and WINGFOILING.
  • For less experienced windsurfers there are test sessions on surfboards and sup-boards with wing. At medium wind speeds and with radio coaching, this is the perfect introduction to wingsurfing.
  • For experienced windsurfers or kitesurfers it goes after a short preparation immediately on the WINGFOIL boards. With the trainer boat the group is very flexible and always at the best spot depending on the wind situation. Boards and rigs can be exchanged between the foilers on the water. This way the "foil time" is used optimally and everyone can test different boards and rigs.
  • Starboard Teamer present the Board & Wing range and inform the participants about products and technology. On the water, the Stickl Team and Starboard Teamrider will take care of the Wingfoil beginners with several trainer boats and radio coaching.

The number of participants is limited to give each participant the opportunity and enough time to test and "try out" on the foil with wing or surf sail.

Several coach boats and teamer look after the different small groups with wingfoil or windfoil on the water and organise the driver change on the water.

 Participation Requirements:

  • Wingsurfing: Windsurfing on a swordboard in medium winds
  • Wingfoiling: Windsurfing on funboards with footstraps
  • Windfoiling: Windsurfing on funboards with footstraps.


BOARDS -WINGS -RIGGS from Starboard-Severne-Airush on test offer:


Arrival on Friday or Saturday before 8.30. Briefing at 9.00 at the Stickl Sportcamp office.

  • Material issue neoprene, vests, harnesses
  • Group classification for each coach and supervisor.
  • Session depending on wind situation. Communication of the start times and all information via internet.
  • Lunch break with lunch in the restaurant directly at the sports camp.
  • Session according to wind situation in the afternoon.
  • Saturday 17.00 approx. Meeting with the Starboard team and material clinic in the training tent
  • Joint dinner according to the wishes of the participants
  • Sunday from 8.00 further sessions for all groups until noon
  • Lunch break and lunch in the restaurant next to the sports camp on the beach
  • Further sessions according to wind situation until 16.00 approx.
  • Delivery of the rental material until 17.00
  • 00 Final meeting with participants and trainers


Registration and cost:

The number of participants is limited. Bookings until 01.04.2022


2 days TRY & FLY event with training, test and material clinic by Starboard.
2 nights with breakfast at Beach Hotel Rosa ( next to the sports camp) 

 Price: Pro person incl. equipment (neoprene, vest, harness)  from € 229,-

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Wingfoiling in der Bucht Val di Sogno

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