COURSE TIMES and current daily info

KURSZEITEN Dienstag, 28.09.2021

CoursesTeacherTime 1Meeting 1Time 2Meeting 2Time 3Meeting 3Info
Cat course advanced 1Dominik12:30Info14:00Beach---
Cat course advanced 2Dominik09:00Beach------
Cat Course Perfection 1Benji12:30Info14:00Beach---
Sailing course beginnersFlorian12:30Info13:30Beach---
Sailing course advanced 1Ben09:00Beach------
Surf course beginnersSteffi09:00Office------
Surf course advanced 1Mihail12:30Info13:00Beach---
Kitesurfing course beginnersAndi---------
Kitesurfing course advanced 1Andi---------
Foiling IFLY 15Heinz09:00Beach------
Wingsurfing beginnersIlse12:30Info13:30Office---

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KURSZEITEN Dienstag, 28.09.2021

Cat course advanced 1

12:30 Info
14:00 Beach

Cat course advanced 2

09:00 Beach

Cat Course Perfection 1

12:30 Info
14:00 Beach

Sailing course beginners

12:30 Info
13:30 Beach

Sailing course advanced 1

09:00 Beach

Surf course beginners

09:00 Office

Surf course advanced 1

12:30 Info
13:00 Beach

Kitesurfing course beginners


Kitesurfing course advanced 1


Foiling IFLY 15

09:00 Beach

Wingsurfing beginners

12:30 Info
13:30 Office

Letzte Änderung: 28.09.2021 12:21


Wind and weather determine our program! And of course the skills of our course participants!

We do everything we can to get the right course group out on the water at the right time every day, with the right wind conditions.

At 8.00 a.m. the course is set in a team meeting. Each instructor supervises two course groups and decides which of his two course groups will start in the morning in a time window of 9.00-13.00 approx. and which group will start at a later time. Everything depends on the wind situation!

The start time and meeting point will then be published on MOBIL.STICKL.COM. The start time for the second group will either be set immediately or a second info time will be set at 12:30 to wait for the progress of the first course and to be able to react to quick weather changes.

No one should have to wait and waste time having to go to the athletic office to find out their class time. 

This is a unique service that you won't find anywhere else, and it underlines how important your learning success and optimal course conditions are to us.

If, despite all our efforts, it does not go perfectly and our forecast is off, we ask for your understanding! We can not yet make the weather itself!