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Top material and well organized logistics

Stickl Sports Camp

The guest in the sports camp always expects new and well-maintained material in all courses. Surfboards, kite gliders, Hobie Cats and Seascape. Foiling boats and catamarans, foilsurfers and kiters are the highlight.

The Stickl station on the beach of the Val di Sogno bay

The entire beach area is carpeted. Surfers, cat sailors and the Opti kids can set up their equipment on a material-friendly surface.

The launching area for surfers and the slipway for the Hobies are equipped with rubber mats and allow comfortable launching and landing for boards and cats.
In front of the station there is also the boat jetty, from where all sailors and cat sailors are taken to the buoy berths of the boats with several service boats.

The surfboards for beginners and advanced surfers are stored in surf racks directly on the beach, as are the rigs.

Of course, lifeboats and trainer boats are available for training....
The office, showers and changing rooms with drying room and the training tent with video and TV are located in the sports camp 150 m away.

Stickl Sportcamp Station
Hobie 15 mit gelbem Segel

HOBIE 15 in the beginner course

The Hobie 15 is the training catamaran for beginners par excellence! It is used in many clubs and schools. Very robust and stable, it forgives the beginner mistakes and remains very good-natured even in stronger winds. In addition, it has a lot of volume in the hulls and can therefore also be sailed by heavy crews. All these features make the HC 15 the ideal cat for beginners.

Technical data:
Length: 4.94 m
Width: 2.39 m
Mast height: 7.20 m
Weight approx.: 155 kg
Mainsail area: 11,70 m²
Jib area: 3.50 m²
Spi-sail area (option): 15 m²
Crew: 2 - 3

Hobie 16 in advanced course

The Hobie 16 is the mother of all beach cats! The most widely used Cat worldwide with the largest fleets around the globe. The "16-er" is a very sensitive Cat that requires good weight trim due to its low volume in the hulls. It also has a lot of sail area for its size, which further contributes to the fact that it is very sporty to sail from 3 bft and is unforgiving of mistakes. The Hobie 16 is the Cat on which you can learn everything about Cat sailing. The best school for all sport and regatta cats like F 18 class and others.

In the Sportcamp at all F 1 courses only with foresailor in harness and at the F 2 courses with double harness.

Hobie Cat Pazifik mit Doppeltrapez

Hobie Pacific in rental

The Hobie 15 is the training catamaran for beginners par excellence! It is used in many clubs and schools. Very robust and stable, it forgives the beginner mistakes and remains very good-natured even in stronger winds. In addition, it has a lot of volume in the hulls and can therefore also be sailed by heavy crews. All these features make the HC 15 the ideal cat for beginners.

Hobie Pearl mit blauen segeln

Hobie Pearl in perfection course 1

The Pearl is an 18 foot cat with identical hulls to the Hobie Tiger, just a little narrower and a folding centreboard instead of a tuck-away centreboard. Originally intended as a cruising cat, we have upgraded the Pearl and made it a "training cat for the next step into sailing on F 18 Cats. Racing sails, trim tools, and most importantly a furling genack as a precursor to the genack of the F 18 Cats make the Pearl the ideal Cat for the intermediate step before moving on to Tiger and Wildcat.

Hobie Pearl mit blauen segeln
Hobie Tiger auf einem Rumpf

Hobie Tiger in perfection course 2

The "Tiger" was the first 18-foot Cat on the market, which found a wide distribution at Cat regattas. Even today, it is still considered an all-rounder among the regatta Cats that are sailed with a daggerboard. On the Hobie Tiger you learn the right technique, which can be applied to all other F 18 Catamarans. Our Tigers are equipped with all race features and are absolutely state of the art.

As good as new racing sails from Onedesign Sails, trim equipment like 1:16 Cunningham that runs endlessly in the front spar and can be operated from the harness, mast furler, double Dynema harnesses with adjuster, 10-fold mainsheet blocks, tapered mainsheet, footstraps at the stern. Ready to Race!

Hobie Wildcat auf einem Rumpf mit Spi

Hobie Wildcat in perfection course 2

After the Hobie Tiger, other manufacturers entered the market and the F18 class was created. Hobie developed the Wildcat for this market, which then replaced the Tiger over the years. Tiger and Wildcat sail in our Perfection Course 2. Both Cats with slightly different handling characteristics but sail absolutely on "eye level". Like the Tiger, the Wildcat is also equipped for racing. All trim tools are on board and of course the Wildcat is well maintained.

Hobie Wildcat auf einem Rumpf mit Spi
Hobie Teddy am Gardasee

Hobie Teddy In Cat Course Kids

The Teddy is a 13-foot cat made of polyethylene. No centerboard, but a keel hoe keeps him on course. A very robust training cat that tolerates a lot of wind and allows children from 8 years a safe entry into cat sailing. The Teddy is used in two courses, beginners and advanced and also sailed with harness.


Das Zweimann-Kielboot Dyas ist eine nationale deutsche Klasse, die seit 40 Jahren sehr verbreitet ist und auf allen Regattabahnen auch heute noch gesegelt wird. Ein offenes Kielboot mit Trapez, das sich fast wie eine größere Jolle segelt und deshalb ideal für den Einstieg ins Segeln ist. Die Dyas ist sehr gutmütig und mit gerefftem Großsegel trauen sich sogar Einsteiger bei ordentlich Wind auf´s Wasser. Pinne mit Pinnenausleger, Ausreitgurte und Trapez ermöglichen sportliches Segeln für erfahrenere Segler. Die Dyas wird im Sportcamp bei allen Einsteigerkursen und dem Fortgeschrittenen-Kurs 1 eingesetzt.

Drei Seascape 18 mit Genacker

Seascape 18

The Seascape 18 was voted "Boat of the year" in 2010, its first year on the market. A success story with more than 600 boats in Europe today. The Seascape, with a relatively light swing keel, is a small, well-equipped keelboat that sails like a sport dinghy. After the stable Dyas, the Seascape is a clear step towards "sport sailing". In the F 2 course it is sailed with roller furling genack, as preparation for the standard genack with 26 sqm in the perfection course.

Seascape 24: Charter and private trainings

The SC 24 is a very light less cruiser and racer with 60 sqm genack. Singlehanded sailing is just as possible as a leisurely day trip with 4 friends. Or sporty under Genacker with 15 knots glide over the lake. You can charter the SC 24 without a skipper or book a private coaching with a team.

Seasape 24 mit rotem Genacker im Gegenlicht


The Feva is the most popular youth boat in Europe and is sailed in international regattas. The small planing dinghy from England is highly recommended for young people from the age of 10 after their first experiences in the Optimist. It is sailed without harness, but with genack. In two courses that build on each other, young sailors learn everything a dinghy sailor needs on the Feva.

The optimist

The cult boat of sailing education since there is children's sailing. On the small stable Optimist children from 6 years safely and with a lot of fun learn the basics of sailing. Without any experience it is possible to sail alone on the Opti in a few days.

drei Kindersegelboote mit gelben Segeln
Windsurfer mir roten Segeln

Windsurfing with Starboard

From the beginner surf course to the advanced F 2 course, students learn on the RIO from Starboard. Kids surf on short PE boards from Hifly. The Rio is a "swordboard" in different volume classes. The sails come from VDWS or DUOTONE.

Kitesurfing with Duotone

Kites from DUOTONE (formerly NORTH)

Boards and kites in the sports camp come from DUOTONE (formerly North) Kites in several sizes and different models from the current season or the previous year are used. Every year a large part of the material is exchanged to be able to offer always current kites.

Kitesufer nahe am Trainerboot