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A successful concept

Stickl Sports Camp

For 40 years we have managed to meet the demand to successfully combine qualified training with a lot of fun and a sense of achievement! Learn more about our concept and the success guarantee at Stickl Sportcamp !

It's all about you!

We live this in all areas of the sports camp!
From the booking process to the work of the trainer team and the service on the beach.
Unsere Gäste sind seit 45 Jahren Könige, und wir verbessern uns ständig durch Ihre Anregungen, die unsere nächsten Ziele sind.
We offer sports holidays with a wide range of courses and possibility to rent sports equipment. The combination with accommodation in hotels of different price ranges in the surrounding area offers great Advantages : Good sports facilities for every holiday budget!

We have clearly defined the demands we place on ourselves in all areas as our corporate philosophy:

  • Booking processing- fast, individual and friendly!
  • Course organization - Customer-friendly and adapted to the individual skill and wind situation.
  • Beach service - friendly, fast and competent support
  • Sports Reception - friendly and professionally competent advice
  • Trainer Team -professional, friendly and personable.
  • Training concept- uniform training standards through intensive internal team training.
  • Individual training - Training in small groups and never more than 2-3 students per boat.
  • Top material - in all areas makes learning easier and more fun.
  • Flair and feeling - Team spirit, the charisma of the trainer team and the relaxed atmosphere in the sports camp create a real club atmosphere.
Hobie Cat am Strand

In addition, there are two essential guarantors of our success that ONLY exist at sports camp:

RADIO TRAINING: Direct correction via waterproof wireless technology allows for better lesson organization, extremely faster learning progress and gives a great sense of security.

Not according to the timetable but oriented to the wind and ability of the groups, the course times are set daily to create optimal conditions. An immense effort, but which guarantees the guests the maximum quality of the lessons. The course times are available at the sports office and on the internet at published. 

Provide fun and a sense of achievement in sports classes in a relaxed atmosphere, is our motto for your successful sports holiday.

Thousands of satisfied regular guests have honoured our commitment for more than 40 years. We are also looking forward to you!

Sail fast -live slow!
Your Heinz Stickl & Team

Radio training brings learning success, safety and good course organisation

Stickl Sports Camp

Only with radio training is learning progress possible, as every Sportcamp guest has known for 35 years. The right correction at the decisive moment motivates, brings security and gives wings!

The radio training system has proven its worth for 30 years of use in sports camps

There are certainly many methodical ways to learn sailing on catamarans and dinghies.

Theory lessons and preparation on land in a "dry training" in which the handles are practiced before going on the water are indispensable.

Afterwards, however, the student is usually left to his fate and learns after a unit of water training back on the beach where his mistakes were. Or he gets mostly hardly understandable instructions via megaphone from a coach on an escort boat "shouted" and sees his coach only a few minutes per lesson. Also, it makes little fun and sense to sail for hours around a small buoy course just to keep the course group under control. 

We have been working with FUNK-SCHULUNG for 30 years! with clear advantages and far better results.

Segel-Trainerin mit Funkgerät im Motorboot
Hobie Cat am gardasee

Our students of the past 35 years can attest to how much more successful this training is!