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Foiling on the Skeeta, the new Centerline-Foiler from Australia

Stickl Sports Camp

Das Trainingsprogramm in den Foiling-Kurse auf Skeeta, Waszp und Ifly15.
Noch besser und schneller foilen lernen ist unser Motto.“


The SKEETA is the latest 3rd generation foiling dinghy, designed, built, tested and brought to production readiness by an Australian duo who have been involved in the design of moths - with or without foils - for many years. An exchange of ideas and opinions with QUANTBOATS took place a few years ago. The wishes and opinions of QUANTBOATS flowed into the new boat.

Fun over the whole wind range.

Like all boats from QUANTBOATS, the SKEETA is characterized by good-natured behavior and excellent all-round properties. At the same time, "performance" does not have to be renounced. This includes perfect behaviour when foiling in the lower to medium wind range, "fully foiled" tacks and gybes as well as comfortable, controlled and fast sailing in very light or very strong winds. Then the boat is preferably sailed without foils.

Segelboot mit Hydrofoil
Skeeta Foiler in Warteposition

Versatility, comfort and safety

Versatile use is written large with the SKEETA. The scow shape of the hull makes the boat very stable and crashes are rare. If they do happen, they are well cushioned by the ample volume in the bow.

Thanks to the flat hull, you can quickly get back on board after a capsize. This makes it clear that this dinghy is also suitable for beginners, for foiling training, for leisure and fun.

The "flight altitude", for example, is infinitely adjustable - even on the water. A minimum flight altitude enables the novice to quickly celebrate his first successes. If you are surprised by thunderstorm-like winds, you reduce the buoyancy at the center-foil to such an extent that the boat does not take off, but always keeps the bow above water. In this way, you can always return safely to the starting point in conventional sailing mode!

Foils: Simple, low-resistance and crash-proof

The foil system in the SKEETA is the result of over 20 years of development. The design uses a patent from "Glide-Free" at its core. It is characterized by a patented, lever-joint system and a free-floating push rod. The result prevents negative angles of attack (crash prevention) and allows the buoyancy on the foil to be reduced to zero if desired. In addition, the rudder foil eliminates the need for a control to change the angle of attack.
The balance when foiling is still guaranteed, as long as you do not change the factory setting.
Main and rudder foils can be attached or detached from the vertical profiles in seconds using a push-button system.

Skeeta mit orangefarbigem Segel im Foiling Modus
Skeeta auf Amwindkurs

Our plus points for your perfect foiling experience!

  • Malcesine at Lake Garda is the Eldorado of the Foilers with optimal wind conditions.
  • First and only foiling camp in Europe with the complete foiling spectrum.
  • The flying keel boat QUANT 23, Foil-Cat iFLY15 ,Center-Foilers WASZP and SKEETA ! Windsurf-Foiling and Kite-Foiling.
  • More experienced trainers and a training concept with radio training and trainer boat, which has been successfully implemented since 2016. 
  • Foiling courses and trainings from April to October! Weekly courses and weekend courses.
  • WINDGARANTY: Credits or alternative offers if more than 25 % of the training time is lost!
  • Group rates with discounts from 2 persons. Get into foiling cheaper with friends!
  • Impressive landscape, Mediterranean climate and Italian holiday flair combined with the best sports conditions!

We will make your foiling days at the Lago an exciting and incomparable experience!

TRY & FLY -our program for test sailors and course participants

Those interested in training and test sailing have several options:

  • Private training 2 hours mainly on weekends on request
  • Try & Fly: Intro training 3 hrs and rent another 2 hrs.
  • Fixed rental from 2 hours to 7 days on request (only possible after training or for experienced foilers)
  • Weekend course 2 days, Saturday and Sunday 3 hours each
  • Weekly course 4 days Monday to Thursday each 3 hours
  • 3-day courses at Easter, Ascension and other long weekends.
  • Special dates for groups on request.
Segelboot mit Hydrofoil
Skeeta-Foiler vor Campione

Course programme

Every sailor is equipped with helmet and waterproof radio, gets all instructions at the right moment and can implement them immediately. Stickl Sportcamp has been successfully training with radio for 20 years in all sailing courses and this method also guarantees fast learning progress in foiling.


Foiling is only recommended for very experienced dinghy sailors who have a feel for tippy planing dinghies. It requires good condition, agility and stamina. You learn sailing anew!


  • Rigging the boat and trimming
  • Introduction to the technique of the boat with trim and foil settings
  • Dry training of the "moves" on the trampoline
  • Launching beach and panties.
  • Boarding and first start.
  • Balance and sail in nofly mode.
  • First foil rides.
  • Courses and course changes with sail and weight trim
  • Windward trim and adjustment while underway.
  • Downwind and gybe preparation.
  • First jibes

The 4-day program includes 3 hours of training daily, with briefings and preparation on land and water training. The goal is to reach at least Foiling -Level 3 (Level 1-7) in our level system.



  • SKEETA SEASON FINALE: Termin noch offen.
  • Skeeta-Kursteilnehmer können auch die Waszp testen.Beide Boote werden in den “Centerfoil-Kursen” eingesetzt, Damit geben wir den Kursteilnehmern auch die Möglichkeit beide Centerfoiler, die eine ähnliche Zielgruppe ansprechen, unmittelbar zu vergleichen. Maximal 4 Kursteilnehmer teilen sich dann 2 Boote, betreut vom Coach im Motorboot mit Funk und präzisen Anweisungen, die einen schnellen Lernerfolg garantieren. 


  • Issue of rental equipment SA and SO from 9.00 a.m. onwards
  • Rental equipment for weekend courses will be handed out on Friday or Saturday at 8.30 a.m. Course starts at 9.00 a.m.
  • Welcome drink and briefing on Sunday 18.00 in the sports camp
  • Course program with 3 hours per day MO - DO
  • equipment provided
  • Welcome-Abend am Restaurant ROSA BEACH
  • Final evening on FR. with prize-giving at the ROSA BEACH restaurant *
  • Courses from Monday to Thursday or Weekend Saturday to Sunday.
  • * not included in the price
Foiling-Boot Skeeta
Beach Hotel Rosa Pool

BEACH HOTEL ROSA - The hotel on the beach for foiling fans.

We run the new Beach Hotel Rosa ourselves and try to offer especially the kiters, surfers, wing surfers and foilers an optimal service directly on the beach next to the sport camp station.

  • Das beginnt mit einem „Powerfrühstück“ vor der Wasser-Session schon ab 7.00 Uhr.
  • Im Hotel gibt es eine Umkleide und Trockenraum für Neos, Trapeze und Segelbekleidung.
  • Kites, Wings und Surfboards können direkt am Hotel ohne Extra-Kosten gelagert werden.
  • Start des Shuttle-Bootes am Rosa-Steg

Super comfort for all "board sports" and foilers who can wait for the right wind window on site.

Have breakfast, put on your neos, get your kites, wings and boards from storage and board the shuttle boat directly at the hotel jetty!

And there everything at extremely favorable prices. In the room to the back with breakfast buffet already from 39,-€ p/pers. in the low season!